Sound Recordings

Collections, Location & Listening Facilities

Collections and locations

UBC Library has three main collections of sound recordings:

  • CDs in the stacks (circulating) located on the third floor of the Music, Art and Architecture (MAA) Library

CDs in the MAA Library cabinets represent the holdings of two distinct CD collections: the Wilson CD collection named for Mrs. Ethel Wilson and Dr. Wallace Wilson, friends and supporters of the University and the Library, focusing on classical music with some ethnic and jazz holdings; and the historic Music Library CD collection, focusing on classical, ethnic and jazz music. Both collections circulate to all UBC Library cardholders.

  • LPs (circulating) located in the ASRS

This collection consists primarily of classical music, with some ethnic music and jazz. It includes the Show Business Collection of musical theatre, movie musicals, and similar performances.

Listening facilities

  • CD players, cassette players and turntables are available in the listening rooms, study carrels and seminar room on the third floor
  • A turntable is available on the fourth floor of the Music, Art and Architecture Library.
  • There are no facilities to copy CDs or LPs in either location.

Searching For Recordings

Use the UBC Catalogue.

For best results search by keyword (use AND, OR, NOT or “phrase”). Keywords can be any of the following:

  • composer’s name
  • performer’s name
    names must be entered exactly as they are spelled in the Catalogue:
    tchaikovsky not tschaikowsky
  • instrument
  • musical form
    musical forms usually are listed in the plural; use truncation to find both singular and plural:
    symphon? finds symphonies and symphony
  • word(s) in the title of a recording
  • word(s) in the title of a musical composition
    works composed in a foreign language are listed in the original language:
    Zauberflote not Magic Flute
  • opus or other work number
    enter the number and other keywords
    125 and beethoven and compact
  • recording format
    ALWAYS include recording format
    All sound recordings: after the keywords enter and sound
    CDs only: after the keywords enter and compact
    LPs only: after the keywords enter and lp

Search Examples

Use quotes to group words as a phrase.
Use and, or or not to separate words or phrases.

“london symphony chorus” and messiah
bernstein and sound
stravinsky and printemps and sound
bach and compact not harpsichord
sonata? or concerto? and violin and sound

Borrowing & Renewing Recordings

CDs located in the cabinets are for in-library use only and cannot be borrowed (unless they accompany a book).

Students, faculty, staff, and community borrowers may borrow CDs in the stacks and LPs in the ASRS for 2 weeks. A valid UBC Library card is required.

Fines are charged on overdue loans. To avoid fines, return or renew recordings on time. Circulating CDs and LPs may be renewed by telephone at 604-822-8149, in person, or on the UBC Library web site. Under My Account click on Renew books (login) and enter your UBC/Library card barcode and PIN.

For more information, see the publication UBC Library Loan Regulations.

Be kind to our recordings

  • to prevent scratches, return to case or sleeve immediately after playing; never leave unprotected
  • avoid leaving fingerprints; handle only by edges
  • clean carefully, using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth
  • do not store in direct sunlight or heat
  • keep and return accompanying liner notes or booklets
  • before returning, check that each recording is in its proper case or sleeve


For more help finding recordings contact the Music, Art and Architecture Library Reference Desk (604-822-3943).