Sharing Your Badges with a Screenshot

To take a screenshot of your open badges to send to your instructor, follow these directions:

Step One – Look at My Badges at the bottom of the page. If your badges are brightly coloured.  You have earned the badge.  You can also check the details of the badge by clicking on the badge image to see if you have completed all the steps.

Step 2 – Minimize the screen size to capture all badges on one page AND to capture your name in the top right corner of the screen. Press CTRL or Command (Macs) and the minus sign to reduce your screen size.

Step 3 – Take a screenshot of the page – making sure that both your badge(s) and your name are captured.  Use a screencapturing tool like Snagit (licensed for use for the entire UBC community)  or the  PrtScn (Windows) or  Apple key ⌘ + Shift + 3 (Mac.) option on your keyboard.  The screenshot should be saved to your computer.

Step 4 – Attach the screenshot to an email and send it to your professor.