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Government publications at UBC Library

Government Publications for the humanities and social sciences are located within Koerner Library. Here you can find reference assistance for the Library's government publications collections. UBC does not use CODOC to classify government publications. The majority will be found by Library of Congress classification number.

The bulk of the government publications collection is housed in Koerner Library; however, depending on the subject matter you will also find government publications at the other UBC Library branches including Woodward Library, David Lam Business Library, Education Library, and the Law Library.

The Library subscribes to many specialized databases to help with government and NGO research:


Koerner Library was a full print depository library for the Government of Canada. With the termination of the print Depository Services Program (DSP), the library now relies on the DSP MARC records to be ingested into the library's OPAC. If you're searching for any federal Canadian publication, search the library catalogue and print or online holdings will appear. We also receive a comprehensive selection of materials from the BC government both in print an online. Publications from other Canadian provinces and municipalities are collected on a selective basis. Koerner Library also holds depository status with the following international organizations:

  • United Nations (selective agencies, the United Nations Depository Program, UNDP, ended in 2012)
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (UN specialized agency)
  • World Health Organization (UN specialized agency)
  • European Union
  • Asian Development Bank

For a full description of the Government Publications collections at UBC LIbrarires, see Government Publications Collections.

Gov Pubs in research

Government publications are excellent providers of primary source materials, covering topics diverse enough to be of interest to researchers in every discipline.

  • locate a bill and all its amendments
  • access government-funded research
  • locate and read declassified military documents
  • track a politician's voting record
  • read transcripts of government hearings and much more.

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